MEES compliance for only £10!

GDAM Member Peter Philipson of Cedar Professional Services has achieved what is probably the lowest-cost MEES compliance for his client Daler-Rowney.  Daler-Rowney is a leading art materials manufacturer based in Bracknell selling a wide range of artist products such as paints, artist surfaces, brushes and a range of accessories.

Daler-Rowney wished to sell a factory unit and instructed Cedar to provide the necessary EPC and Recommendation Report. The result was an asset rating of 126 (F), which meant that any new owner would be unable to let the property due to the MEES Regulations that come into effect on 1st April 2018.

Having identified that there were four rooms fitted with old-style tungsten bulbs, Peter recommended that these should be replaced by low-energy lamps such as CFLs or LEDs.  Daler-Rowney duly replaced these at a cost of around £10, the result being an asset rating of 124 (E).

Daler-Rowney did not have a budget for improving the building prior to sale, and were understandably pleased with achieving MEES compliance for only £10.

Gerald Hedges, Wareham Plant Manager said: “We were impressed by Peter’s practical approach to achieving compliance as we did not want to spend money on a building which is to be sold.”