New options for solar battery storage

Battery storage for properties with solar PV installations has become popular over the past year. Battery storage can make solar PV systems more efficient by storing the surplus energy that is generated during the day and using this in the evenings when the solar system is not generating. But as more systems are being marketed, it can be confusing for customers to choose a system that meets their needs.

Symeco recently became an accredited installer for a new British storage system from Moixa, based in London. The Moixa units offer up to 3kWh of storage and can power lighting circuits in the event of a power cut with some minor modifications to a property’s electrical system.

One of the smartest aspects of the Moixa units is called GridShare. GridShare pays the owners £50 a year to discharge electricity in times of peak demand on the national grid. This peak demand usually only lasts for several minutes and will not discharge more than 4% of the stored energy.

Symeco installed their first Moixa unit near Kidderminster in Worcestershire, meaning the property’s 7.2kW solar system will be utilised more efficiently and save the customer money.

Richard Bubb of Symeco said “The Moixa battery storage system is very easy to install and offers customers a smart system, designed and built in Britain. Although batter storage systems are still an investment, with electricity costs increasing, it is looking like a very good time to have a system installed. When smart meters are rolled out and energy customers can choose time-of-use tariffs, solar battery storage will be a sound investment to save energy bills”.

For more information about Moixa storage units, click here.

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