Richard Bubb

Richard runs Symeco Ltd – a Shropshire-based business offering energy advice, energy assessments and the installation of renewable technologies. Richard has been involved in the environmental sector for over 25 years, and during that time has worked within the voluntary sector, public sector and for his own business.

Although the majority of Symeco’s work is carried out in the West Midlands, Richard is a trained coach for Climate-KIC – a large public-private partnership tackling climate change across Europe. This work considers radical, transitional approaches to developing low carbon lifestyles and includes partners in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary and Poland.

Symeco works with small businesses, voluntary sector organisations and householders who want to make a significant difference to their energy consumption.

This includes an assessment of actual energy use, need for changes in behaviour and opportunities for converting to renewable energy consumption. It takes a comprehensive yet realistic consideration of energy consumption patterns and identifies effective methods to reduce energy use, energy costs and carbon emissions.

This is not solely focussed at ‘deep green’ people and organisations but often people that do not understand their energy impacts or understand the practical improvements they can take. An understanding of the customer’s circumstances and requirements is key to ensuring that solutions can be found that meet the customer’s needs.

Whether a customer wants to reduce their carbon emissions, reduce energy bills or require an energy assessment for planning requirements, Symeco will provide advice and actions to meet and exceed expectations.

Richard can be contacted at:

Address: Symeco, Phoenix Cottage, Chorley, Bridgnorth, WV16 6PP.

Telephone: 07889 113878