MEES assessment of an office building

CONSTRUCTION: 1980’s purpose-built office located on an out-of-town business park.

EPC: The property had an existing EPC dating from 2014, with an asset rating of 135 (F).  The new owner had since let part of the property, and the remainder was on the market to let but did not comply with the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 that take effect in April 2018.

METHODOLOGY: We re-surveyed the building and identified any changes since the original survey in 2014, including the division into two units.  Draft EPCs were produced for both parts with results as follows:

(1) Occupied area: 91(D)

(2) Vacant area: 142 (F)

REPORT: Our MEES Report assessed possible alternative measures to bring the vacant area up to a minimum ‘E’ rating, however we always encourage our clients to take a longer-term view (e.g. to account for a possible minimum ‘D’ rating from 2023) and to invest in more than the minimum necessary for compliance.

Our ethos for MEES compliance is to provide our clients with clear and practical choices that are also cost-effective, including budget costs and payback periods if required.


(1) Strip-out redundant air-conditioning units

(2) Upgrade heating to a condensing boiler

(3) Install low-energy lighting

CONCLUSION: Following discussions with our client, they intend to seek compliance at minimum cost, and we identified how they could achieve this by carrying out the following cost-effective measures:

  1. Strip out air conditioning
  2. Install LED lighting to part of the building only.